Aspirants of Ethalos

Current members of the adventuring party from Vox.

Growing up in the town of Vox upon the river Dray, the Aspirants passed their coming of age ritual as “The most point hungry group”. After spending a year apart learning their trade and making their mark upon the world, the returned to Vox.

After an incursion by a dragon of purple crystal, the Aspirants joined The Butterfly Chasers, a guild with ties across the continent of Ethalos. There, they hope to challenge the ideas of magic, search for materials unknown to the common market and then retire with a small fortune, hopefully with all of their limbs.

After an encounter with an aberration, their guild leader was cursed. The Aspirants headed north into the Forgotten Woods to deal with the aberration and to “fix” the damage their guild leader did to it’s shrine.

After which, the party stumbled across a large deep-blue floating crystal. There, it absorbed the essence of the dragon of purple crystal and escaped it’s eternal prison.

Mallorea’s Guard

Current members of the Butterfly Chaser’s new honour guard.


Red Wings Guild

Current members of the adventuring party from Phandalin.

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Chosen of Nerull

Current members of the adventuring party from Fallcrest.

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